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Warez Points

How do I gain credits?
Share script in VIP category(Moderate)
100 WP
If your script downloads
6 WP

Create a new post
2 WP

Upload script
2 WP

1 WP

  • You will pay 6 WP download script
  • CHARGE func can usable, you can sell your content which is your price [CHARGE=5] İÇERİK [/CHARGE] You can use like that
  • Can we buy Warez Point ?

    • Yes you can buy warez point as soon as
  • How can i buy VIP members ?

    • Click hereChoose an package for you. @WarezM Send a message to him you will get answer automaticlly
  • why my score has been reset

    • Your point did not reset, You are paying 6 WP for every download
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