OC3 LinkedIn Login - Powerful LinkedIn Login Button 3.1.7

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LinkedinLogin is a Powerful plug-and-play login button that makes login at OpenCart a breeze.

Main Features:

✯ 3 pre-set designs of the Twitter button (Standard, Metro, Rounded-corners)
✯ Perfect synchronization with your OpenCart users system
✯ Adjustable LinkedIn Button Position - field that makes putting the button on any place you want in your web store
✯ Easy CSS customization of the button via the Custom CSS field
✯ Clean and crisp module, no file modifications
✯ Compatible with every theme

Get All Your Customers Information​

Logging by Linkedin is meant to be simple and easy. To keep it this way, and save time in checkout, you can prompt your visitors to fill in additional fields needed for a successful order.


Organize Users​

LinkedinLogin allows you to easily track and organize customers who have logged in via Facebook. You can create and assign them to special groups or play classical and collect all customers in one group.


Adjustable Position​

LinkedinLogin could be put positioned anywhere on the XY-axes of your web store. Use the default OpenCart module positions (Content top, Content bottom, Column left, Column right ) and specific CSS selectors in order to position the LinkedinLogin exactly where you want it.



LinkedinLogin Button in different languages. If you are running a diverse languages shop you can also benefit from LinkedinLogin’s MultiLingual support, allowing for a seamless global store.



Enjoy LinkedinLogin Button on all your stores running on OpenCart. LinkedinLogin Button provides full support for the OpenCart multistore feature.


Easy CSS Customisation​

You can easily customise the LinkedinLogin button to fit your store spirit, directly via the Custom CSS field located in the web store admin. Facebook Login comes also armed with standard, metro and rounded corners design.


Compatible with all Themes​

LinkedinLogin is fully compatible with 99.99% of the OpenCart themes. True story.


Rock-Solid Documentation​

Benefit from the resource-rich documentation that leads you through every step, from the installation to the integration and taking advantages of the features of LinkedinLogin.


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