OC3 Login Lockdown - Lockdown customers, users and affiliates 3.1.1

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LoginLockDown is for anyone who wants to protect their store from brute force attacks that are meant to steal sensitive customer information (passwords). Here is how the module works: The admin can set different rules for customers, admins and affiliates. If any of these groups make more than a certain number of failed login attempts (number set by admin), then their account will be locked for a set period of time. Is your store protected against brute force attacks?

Main Features:

✯ Anti-brute force attack mechanism -Set a server response delay after a failed login
✯ Global Enable/Disable module
✯ Set different rules for different lockdown groups - Affilates, Customers, Admins
✯ Configure number of attempts before lockdown
✯ Configure lockdown duration
✯ Configure lockdown message
✯ Multi-lingual
✯ Multi-store support
✯ Clean and crisp code, no files overridden
✯ Compatible with OpenCart 2.1x

Set Failed Number of Attempts​

Choose how many failed attempts can a user make before their account is locked.


Lockdown Duration & Message​

Determine the duration of the account lockdown during which the user will not be able to log into your store. You can also set a lockdown message that will inform users what exactly is going on.


Set Group Lockdown Rules​

You can configure separate rules for different groups during a lockdown - Affiliates, Customers, Administrators.


Set Server Response Delay​

Define the server response delay after a failed login.


Multi-Lingual & Multi-Store Support​

Use LoginLockdown across a MultiStore set-up and display store-specific information across different websites. If your store is running in more than one language, LoginLockdown does too.


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